The question for this week’s torah portion is “How do I gain strength in a weary season”?. In this weeks torah portion G-d commands Israel to observe the Shemitah every seventh year, a Sabbath for the land.  According to these laws, crops are not to be planted, tended, or harvested, and all agricultural activity is prohibited, although anyone can eat what the land produced naturally. This may be a foreign language to most people living in the 21st century because we are not too familiar with farming. When we want fresh veggies or produce we go to our favorite grocery store and fill our carts up. To most Christians they don’t even know this command exist and what care do they have for it being that they are not farmers? We have to be mindful that what others do can and will effect us. Many times the adversity we face is not because you did something wrong but because people we are connected to. G-d deals with the nation of Israel as a whole concerning their disobedience to the Sabbath year and causes them to be driving out the land. Was everybody a farmer and responsible for dealing with the crops? Absolutely not, but guess what? Everybody suffered the consequences. If you find yourself suffering or going through tuff times as a result of someone else’s disobedience it is not the time to give up on G-d but we must continue on in the way of the L-rd. in the second part of this week’s Torah portion Bechukotai it talks about how G-d will bless us for keeping the command and how merciful and loving he is even when we go astray. Remember what you do may help or hurt someone else. Abraham found favor with the L-rd and pleaded for his nephew Lot. G-d honored Abrahams request by sparing Lots life. We must continue to live up to the standard of holiness even when others around us are drifting away. So to answer the question “How do I gain strength in a weary season”? by keeping the Sabbath, the 7th day of rest. The Sabbath is designed to renew you and complete you. We are tiered because it seems things are never done there is lack of closer in our life. How can we rest or be strengthened when we keep going and going never bringing things to a close. After every seven cycles of seven years, in the fiftieth year, the shofar is to sound and the Yovel (יוֹבֵל) or Jubilee year is to be celebrated.  Not only is the land to lie fallow, but also all debts are to be cancelled and all indentured servants are to return to their land and family. Under the Brit Chadashah (New Covenant), which was sealed with the giving of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) on Shavuot (Pentecost) 50 days from Passover, Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah) became our spiritual Jubilee. In Him, all debts are cancelled.  He has redeemed us from slavery to any kind of oppression and empowered us to walk in holiness with our heads held high.  Halleluyah! In order to enter the jubilee we must start with keeping the Sabbath! And in doing this we will gain strength in a weary season … Shalom
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