how do you know Jesus is real?


  1. Through all the speculations people have a lot to say concerning is he real or is he not but that's what people have to say the real question is what do you have to say because to me he has been made known to me even though I have never seen him physically I have seen him move in my life like never before there is salvation in his name and he is who he say he is because salvation is found in his name when I couldn't help myself something Beyond the natural came in and begin to do the supernatural That's how I know Jesus is real because there is salvation found in his name so when I call on him he always always on time

  2. Everyone who believes has had a different experience that leads them to know he is real. Salvation comes in so many ways but no matter how it come its from the L-rd and most of the time its unexplained we just know that it had to be G-d almighty!

  3. How I know Jesus is real:
    Though I grew up in the "Church" and was taught to believe he was real I didn't know for sure until one specific encounter as a child. On one Sunday morning my mom loaned me her jacket to wear to church. When I got back home she asked me "where is the $20 that was in the jacket pocket" I told her there was no $20 in there. She responded by saying if you dont find my $20 im going to beat (spank) you". And i knew she was far from playing. I looked all over her room for it. And I looked under the bed more than a dozen times. But I could not find it. I was in tears because i didnt want a beating. So I stopped looking and I started to pray. I begged Jesus to let me find the $20. With all my heart I prayed. Then immediately after finishing my prayer I thought to look under the bed one more time. And I almost didn't because I knew I had already looked dozens of times before the prayer. When I knelt down and looked and there was the $20 looking back at me. I didnt have to move anything around to find it. I had looked in that very same spot over and over again;and now it was there.I was beyond overjoyed and overwhelmed. That was the day I realized Jesus is real and that there is Power in Prayer.All you have to do is call on him in your time of need and wait and see the manifestation of the Lord. I Love me some Jesus!


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