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I The question for this week’s torah portion is “How do I gain strength in a weary season”?. In this weeks torah portion G-d commands Israel to observe the Shemitah every seventh year, a Sabbath for the land.  According to these laws, crops are not to be planted, tended, or harvested, and all agricultural activity is prohibited, although anyone can eat what the land produced naturally. This may be a foreign language to most people living in the 21st century because we are not too familiar with farming. When we want fresh veggies or produce we go to our favorite grocery store and fill our carts up. To most Christians they don’t even know this command exist and what care do they have for it being that they are not farmers? We have to be mindful that what others do can and will effect us. Many times the adversity we face is not because you did something wrong but because people we are connected to. G-d deals with the nation of Israel as a whole concerning their disobedience to the Sabbath…

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